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Unconditional Love Cards

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Sometimes I wonder to myself, “What’s it all about?” “What is going on in the world today?”

“Unconditional Love” is the baseline beat that runs through everything for me. Whenever, whatever, however if I ask myself “what shall I do?” the answer is to apply ‘unconditional love’. Like that love we have for a family member or a pet where they can do no wrong in your eyes. Those are the eyes I try my best to look at the whole world with. My responses are informed by this.

I have the privilege of being granted permission to utilise the trademark “Unconditional Love”. My aim is to create not-for-profit items in line with people coming together, communication, creativity, and health and wellbeing for all.

All proceeds go to NableD C.I.C. a social enterprise organisation supporting carers and the cared for to improve their physical health, mental wellbeing and quality of life using life changing health improvement programmes.

These cards can be sent on any occasion where it feels right to send your "Unconditional Love" to someone. The images were taken in nature by me and made into a lovely design.

The cards are sold in packs of 6. Two of each design. Two designs are folding cards, and one is a postcard.

With love xxx