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Car Dry Clean Self-Care Package

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Product Description

Effortlessly clean your car to a showroom shine anytime, anywhere and in any weather condition without the need for gallons of water, harsh chemicals or creating a mess.

Car Dry Clean is offering our Self-Care Package to enable our customers to look after their cars whilst looking after the planet too. Our Self-Care Package is suitable for any vehicle, and requires much less water than the standard industry cleaner. It is easy to use and provides professional results right from the comfort of your own home...

Product Specifications

Product Type: Cleaning Product


Colour: Mixed

Ingredients: Chemical Ingredients

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About Car Dry Clean

Car Dry Clean offers an eco-friendly car wash service in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Traditionally, when you wash a car with water and sponge to get dirt loose, you are scratching the paint and using up to 150 litres of water!

At Car Dry Clean, our nano dry clean solution is designed to instantly embrace dirt particles on contact causing them to break away from the surface. Our skilled team uses a unique cleaning method to ensure high quality results, while the cleaning solution protects the car’s paint and provides a protective coat of wax, leaving your car sparkling clean.

Now, you can recreate our results with your own Car Dry Cleans products. Your car will have showroom shine utilising water equivalent to 1 litre only.

We hope to inspire our customers to be more mindful of the impact their daily choices make on our only planet. Our eco friendly and non hazardous nano car dry cleaning method requires us to use only 1 litre of water to achieve the same perfect shine without wasting one single drop of water.

Car Dry Clean

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