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About Worksity

Why People Love Worksity

Good economy is not only about GDP. Good economy is about enhancing people's well-being. It is about wealth, not riches.

By keeping the money you spend inside the community you live within, you're automatically helping to increase your community's economy, and as a result, yours and your families well-being improves as well.

We build the set to give you opportunity to do what you love. 

Students and local talent are encouraged to do what they love. 


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission.

Build sustainable local trading system. (By discovering and eliminating unnecessary steps toward earning our basic needs.).

Our Vision.

At Worksity, our vision is to give people the opportunity that wherever you choose to live, you can earn your basic needs (food, shelter, clothing and energy) with minimum to no effort. We believe this can be achieved by us (Worksity), continuously simplifying your path to earn those basic needs. 


Others by Worksity



Worksity Marketplace

Worksity-Marketplace is an online marketplace that connects local talent and students to local people and businesses in an effort to help build a profitable local community.

Learn more about Worksity Marketplace

Worksity Store

Worksity Store is your local, online shopping mall.

At the store, we are showcasing local shops, and local artisans products, making them available for everyone.

We believe in supporting local businesses and talents whom might not be able to reach everyone by themselves. By buying local, we can enrich our communities.

Buy online, collect in store, or receive with same day delivery.

Together we can build prosperous communities.

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